It’s National Garden Month

April is National Garden Month and we have some easy ways to for you to get started. Whether you are a seasoned pro or rookie, Landscaping by Andre can help you build/maintain a variety of gardens.

First, decide what you want to plant. It may be flowers, herbs, fruits, veggies or a combination of everything. Next, determine where the best spot is for your new garden. Do you have a dedicated space in your yard? Do you want to dig into the ground or create raised flower beds? Then, think about space – what direction does your new garden face? Will it get enough or too much sun? Is it on a sprinkler or drip system? Or will you need to water it manually? How much time do you have to invest in gardening? Lastly, think about the soil amendments. We like to use a blend of topsoil, mulch and sand for drainage. We also recommend mixing in some bone meal and gypsum.

Easy ways to create or enhance your garden:

• Plant a cutting garden so you can enjoy freshly cut bouquets all season long.
• Plant herbs for cooking with and for making your own herbal tea.
• Plant your favorite fruits and veggies, so you can eat fresh foods all year long.
• Build a pond or water feature in your yard.
• Plant flowers that attract butterflies and enjoy their natural beauty.
• Try planting new fruits and veggies and get your children involved in gardening and being outdoors, they might even find a new favorite food!
• Plant your favorite colors flowers and plants and create your own relaxing outdoor space.

The good news is gardening takes place all year long in Arizona, so you aren’t too late to create a summer garden and it’s a fun way to get the whole family involved in a project! Should you want help starting or maintaining a garden, give us a call (480) 483-8088.

Before and After photos of a garden for one of our clients



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