Seasonal Pruning

Pruning is one of the most important practices in landscape management. We recommend pruning before the summer monsoons hit in Arizona, especially if you didn’t tend to your trees and bushes during the winter months. Overgrown trees can definitely topple over or break apart during the high winds of the monsoon season.

How to determine if you need to prune?
• Do you have an infection or insect infestation?
• Has it been more than a year since you examined your trees and shrubs?
• You have a mature tree that needs some TLC?
• Are your trees or bushes top heavy or overgrown?

What you’ll need to get started:
• Pruning tools (or an appointment with us!)

Advantages to pruning:
• Correct irregular growth habits
• Save trees from uprooting or breaking apart during the summer monsoon season
• Future cost savings
• It can bring in an earlier and longer bloom period
• Reduce hazard to people
• Increase plant health
• Stimulate growth

One last thing to consider during the hot summer months is over-watering. It’s a common mistake by home owners, which can lead to trees up-rooting much easier.

Landscaping by Andre recommends pruning on a yearly basis to keep your yard healthy and thriving. To schedule a consultation, call (480) 483-8088.

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