Landscaping tips for improving home security

Did you know that the proper landscaping can improve your home’s security? In addition to helping beautify your home, the choices you make can directly impact the security of your home.  Keep these tips in mind when considering landscaping:

Plants shrubs with thorns under windows

These spiky plants make it less easy for criminals to hide in your yard. Plant them directly under windows as an extra layer of protection. Law enforcement agencies recommend that you also keep bushes to a maximum height of about three feet so that people can easily see into your front yard. It is also important to plant trees far enough away from the house so they don’t provide burglars access to your upstairs.

Get rid of hiding spots

Burglars are generally attracted to yards with plenty of cover. Help discourage these unwanted visitors by getting rid of obvious hiding spots on your property. Keep foliage short. Trim overgrown trees and plant small shrubs rather than giant bushes. Overall, make sure entryways are as open and visible as possible. Any doors and windows that are easily visible from the street or a neighbor’s house are less likely to be targeted by criminals.

Install motion sensitive lights

In the same spirit as keeping a clear and open yard, motion-sensitive lights are an important component of a safe entryway or lawn. Install lights near key entry points, like doors or ground-level windows. Many criminals are hesitant to attempt breaking into a home when a pair of bright floodlights easily detects their presence. Landscape lights that illuminate the pathway to your front door will also help your guests safely find their way and provide a well-lit path to your home’s main access point, which will discourage potential burglars.

Carefully planned landscaping not only adds curb appeal to your home, but also can keep unwanted visitors away.  For more information on how to improve your home’s security with landscaping, contact Landscaping by Andre at (480) 483-8088.

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