New Outdoor Space for Wink 24

wink-4We recently completed a project at Wink 24 in the Biltmore shopping center. The new owners wanted to dress up the outdoor space and asked our team to design a planting plan. They had recently completed some metal work and wanted to use plant material around it to provide some privacy on the patio. Wink 24 wanted something that would be low maintenance, safe for their guests (no thorns or plants that would be messy) and plants that won’t require a lot of watering.

Lance Trowbridge, Lead Designer at Landscaping by Andre opted for Lady Slipper to act as the screen, next he added some small aloes along the bottom to add interest and color. As for the beds that contained the new metal sculptures, he chose a rare agave that has a lime green flesh that matches the lime green color of the metal.

“The agaves needed to be a statement piece,” said Trowbridge. “We wanted them towink-5 be substantial in size to make an impact as customers walked up to the patio/seating area. We also added a White Granite that acts as a stark contrast between the green plants, while providing a classy, upscale feel. Overall the new space looks great! It’s warm, inviting and easy for the restaurant to maintain.”

Ruggero Borletti, owner of Wink 24 added, “Landscaping by Andre did a great job coming up with a plant design that matched the eclectic and unusual outdoor patio design of the rings and planters.”

Next time you are in the mood for pizza, consider trying Wink 24 at the Biltmore. You won’twink-1 be sorry!


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